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2CTG-918 Double roller set to dry magnetic separator

Abundant iron resource exits in the vast gobi desert in China. However, screening and dry separation shall be adopted to remove most large-grained impurities of the lower iron content grade as the iron content grade is quite low. Then dry magnetic separation can be done. 2CTG-918 opposed twin-roll dry separator is a new product developed by our engineering technicians through more than 2 years of scientific experiment and field investigation and research. In January 2010, Shandong Department of Science and Technology organized experts and appraised that this production line has filled in the blank of gobi iron ore magnetic separation in China and achieved the domestic advanced level.
Main Technical Parameters
Serial No.
Main Parameters Technical Requirements
1 Roller Drive Power 11kw
2 Roller Rev. 22-62r/min
3 Roller Surface Magnetic Field Strength 4000GS±200GS
4 Noise ≤70dB(A)
5 Screening Fineness ≤50mm
6 Treatment Capacity 200~250t/h

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