Permanent Magnetic Separators

RCYZ Tube Self-discharge Iron Separator

Application Scope:
  It is mainly applied in cement industry: For regrinding fine powder after dressing of powder concentrator, as well as iron separation prior to grinding and after clinker preliminary crushing, to prevent iron deposition in the grinder and thus improve the production efficiency of the grinder and cement specific surface area; iron separation before cement filling for automatic separation and discharge of iron impurity in cement to guarantee stable production and operation. 

  The deformation shell is rotated in the magnetic way, which intensifies the function course of the magnetic system. Equipped with unique separation mechanism, it separates the iron more thoroughly. It employs high temperature resistant and high magnetic neodymium-iron-boron magnet, high in magnetic field strength. The whole machine is connected in the powder transmission pipelines with flange connection, convenient for installation. The automatic iron separation and discharge requires no operators. Taking permanent magnet as source and low power electricity for slagging, it is quite low in power consumption, and compact and stable and reliable in operation.

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