Permanent Magnetic Separators

RCYG Pipe Permanent Magnet Iron Remover


RCYG series pipe permanent magnet  iron remover is made up of non-magnetic stainless steel pipe,hanging magnet (electromagnetic)iron remover, iron remover door. The product adopt Rare Earth High-magnetic material composition of the products used high-performance composite magnetic system,it has many characters of strong magnetic field, large suction, no energy wasting and easy using, long life. And it is suitable for removing iron of conveying belt, chute, blanking plate chain position occasions.Bulk pipeline work through non-magnetic materials into permanent magnet (electromagnetic) Deferrizater, mixing it in bulk, opened the iron gate dedicated manual clearance. If the door using space is restriction and sealed (chain plate users), please use our company product.The product is used in the trade of cement, chemicals, plastics, coal, refractory, building material, food and small bulk materials .


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