Buying Guide

Selection of principles and matters of attention:
1. Correctly select the iron content of the material that must be considered while removing the iron, and remove the iron requirement, the use environment and the characteristics of the iron remover itself.
2, when the iron content in the material is relatively large, the self discharging electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron remover (RCDC, RCDD, RCDF, RCT, CFLT Series) with continuous iron removal capability shall be selected.
3, when the iron content in the material is relatively small, it is advisable to use manual iron unloading type electromagnetic and permanent magnetic iron remover (RCDA, RCDB, RCDE and RCY Series). To reduce the suspension height properly, it is favorable for iron removal.
4, when the use of environmental dust is more serious, we should first use a fully enclosed structure of iron remover, such as RCDB, RCDE, RCDD, RCDF series of electromagnetic products and RCYB, RCYD series permanent magnet products.
5. When the iron is installed on the head of the belt conveyor, the material has the front force and the loose shape is beneficial to the iron removal, but the active wheel in the bottom of the iron should be non ferromagnetic material.
6. When the iron is installed in the middle of the belt conveyor (that is, cross layout), in order to improve the effect of removing iron, WCG series non-magnetic linear roller can be installed under the adhesive tape.
7. For non ferromagnetic metal materials that can not be adsorbed by electromagnetic iron, it is advisable to use GJT series metal detectors to detect, alarm, and pick up after shutdown.
8. Iron removal has the following characteristics: large, long, and easily short; sucking locusts in the ball; easy to absorb. For occasions where iron removal is more demanding, the specification of iron remover should be increased appropriately or the two stage iron removal should be adopted.
9. When multistage iron removal is adopted, the iron removal force of the latter stage should be higher than that of the previous stage, otherwise the iron removal effect of the later stage iron remover will be poor.
10. When the material contains very few iron parts, the GJT series metal detector is used in combination with the strong excitation self unloading electromagnetic iron remover, and the energy saving and iron removal effect is good.
11. There are many ways to remove iron from magnetic materials. If the situation is complicated, we should cooperate with our technical department and work together to achieve satisfactory results.