Permanent Magnetic Separators

RCYA Hanging Permanent-magnetic Iron Remover


RCYA series hanging permanent-magnetic iron removerr adopts high rectify strength inside, the special permanent magnet " neodymium and iron boron " of the high remanence make up compound magnetic system. It has  many advantages ,such as Non-maintaining , magnetic force strong , longe-lived , installs simply , easily use , operates reliably, and it is suitable for belt conveyer, vibration feeding machine ,electromagnetic vibration feeder, slipping away irons on the trough in the no magnetic supplies . It can remove 0. 1-25 kilograms of iron magnetic material, the permanent magnetic system service life of inside is over 10 years. This product technical target accords with JB/T8711-1998 standard .
When the permanent magnet absorbs more ferromagnetic things , people should use no-magnetic board remove or wear gloves to pick, it suitable for working continuous and including less iron occasions.

Item/pa./Type Suitable width
Rating height≤mm Suitable strap speed
Surface absorbing≤mm Weight
Outside size

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